Re: Lotw problem?

WA8Y Steven

QSL>Config>Allow duplicates 

On Sat, Oct 20, 2018, 12:47 AM Bill Stravinsky via Groups.Io <> wrote:
After the recent PAQP, I was doing my usual operation of uploading to Lotw, EQsl, and ClubLog which I have done way more than once.
When I clicked "upload to Lotw" after adding the Qso's to the queue I got a response that told me no Qso's were uploaded because they were duplicates or
invalid.  I tried that operation several times with the same result.  I did succeed in uploading to EQsl and Clublog.  About a week later I tried uploading to
Lotw again with the same result.  I was going to chalk it off so I "synced Lotw Qso's" which said there were 3 and also "synced Lotw Qsls" which there
were I think over 100.  None of the dates changed except the "sync Lotw Qsl's".  The sync to Lotw & sync Lotw Qso's are still showing the last date that
I completed that operation on Oct 11th.

I have some more Q's to upload again but am hesitating to do so.  What could be the problem?


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