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Al Groff


I just went through a renewal my self... In the period of time between when I requested a renewal and when I installed the renewal certificate, I had two instances of the station shown ( opne with the Red circle and slash ). After installing the renewal, the one with the circle slash disappeared.


On 10/11/2018 12:56 PM, eddy on5jk wrote:

Dave they are both for ON5JK.

I suppose i did a mistake somewhere.

Could i have asked twice for a renewal?

Did i not have enough patience?

The good one begins 2018-20-09 and expires 2021-10-08.

I requested a renewal following on the received message, that the former certificate expired.

My request must be sent one or two days before2018-10-09.


Eddy ON5JK



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Van: Dave AA6YQ
Verzonden: donderdag 11 oktober 2018 18:48
Onderwerp: Re: [DXLab] Still TQSL questions


+ AA6YQ comments below


Thanks to Hans and Kenneth, i no longer receive error-messages concerling LotW or TQSL cert.


However, when i open TQSL, Callsign certificates, i see two items:


First is my new certificate (in yellow key-hole) expiring


2021-10-08. So far so good.


Underneath i see a second icon, in red, looks like a”forbidden”-sign. Looking to the properties of it, i read : <Certificate Request, awaiting Responce from ARRL>.


Is it normal? Do i leave it there? Is another action needed?


+ For what callsign is the "Certificate Request awaiting response from ARRL"?


+ When did you last request a Callsign Certificate for this callsign?




               Dave, AA6YQ







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