Re: Spot Collector with Flex SSDR 2.4.9

Al Groff

  I think that I would be tempted to try a full reset to factory condition and see if the spot operation resolves.... Before that however I would try a hard reset... i.e. remove power for a few minutes.  
If  you haven't done a the factory reset  before,.. Start by exporting your profiles so that you can imported them after the reset..


On 9/26/2018 3:23 PM, Gene Caldwell wrote:
Thanks Dave,
I had no problems until the release of 2.4.9
I posted to the Flex community also.  The responses from others so far are no problems.  I don't think that any of those responding to me are using DXSuite.  Since I downgraded the spots work perfectly. 
I would like to use the new version but the DXSuite integration is more important to me.  The SSDR improvements seem to be largely in the area of remote operation which has no interest to me. 
From what I have heard they (Flex) are not as involved In the community as they were before.  I hope that is only a temporary situation.
Gene k3gc 

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