Re: DXKeeper Carson City, NV County Pull Down Menu

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I just added QRZ XML lookup to my log and updated my complete log. I have a few broken QSO's showing.

One of these is K7WLX. He shows his county as Carson City, NV

and this explains how the original county was abolished and all brought under the city,_Nevada

Carson City was the county seat <> of Ormsby County <,_Nevada> . In 1969, the county was abolished, and its territory merged with Carson City to form the Consolidated Municipality of Carson City.[ <,_Nevada#cite_note-consolidatedmunicipality-3>

DXKeeper does not have a county pull down option for NV, Carson City which is what I think it should have.

+ CQ Magazine's "Worked All US Counties" award -- abbreviated USA-CA -- mandates special treatment of the independent cities of Nevada (like Carson City) and Virginia: you must record them as an adjacent county of your choice. DXKeeper's reference documentation cites a URL that describes this rule, but the URL is no longer functional. I am including CQ USA-CA award manager Ted K1BV in hopes that he will provide me with an updated URL with which I will update the reference documentation.


Dave, AA6YQ

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