Re: Commander and IC-7610 ports changing

Joe Subich, W4TV

This is simply because Icom (and other manufacturers) are *LAZY*.
If they would use serial port hardware that had a unique serial
number in the port chip EPROM, Windows would load the hardware at
the same port number every time.

Simply put, the amateur manufacturers do not want to take the extra
step to program a serial number into the port hardware after the
rig is complete.


... Joe, W4TV

On 2018-08-28 5:21 PM, dvpoplewski wrote:
Here is the question and answer I got back from Icom.
Loaded Silicon Labs drivers into windows 7 computer. Turning on IC-7610 shows comm ports 4 and 5. I assign com port 4 to my DX Suites commander logging and radio control program and the radio and software communicate fine.
If I turn off the radio and power supply the com ports disappear from device manager.
Turning the radio and power supply back on, the com ports change to different numbers and DX commander no longer works. If I leave the power supply on all the time, then the com ports remain, but it is not practical to leave the power supply running all the time.
If I leave the software program running and turn back on the power supply and radio, the DX Command program no longer responds to port 4. I have to toggle command to port 5 and then back to port 4, then all works again.
What is the solution to this comm port issue?
Greetings David,
Thank you for contacting Icom America.
Unfortunately this is a quirk of Windows. Windows assigns resources on a "as needed" basis. What I can suggest is with the radio connected and powered up then shutdown down Windows and then restart. In some cases doing this will allow the Operating System to use the same resources each time the radio is connected/disconnected. Though adding/removing other USB devices could force another remapping of resources. Unfortunately this is all within Windows and beyond the users control. You could go into device manager and force the CP210x device(s) to use a specific COM Port (in the Advanced tab for the device) but this is for advanced users of Windows so I would not suggest you doing that unless you have extensive knowledge of Windows since you have to insure that no other devices are using the COM Port you want to use.
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