Re: Problems with WinWarbler and WIN10

Wolf E. Rose

Problems solved!

Good morning Dave,

mni tnx for your assistance. Now everything works asexpected. Just like my good friend Gisela DK9GG used to say: ‚As soon as you do it right, it works!‘

My comments in the text.

Am 28.08.2018 um 08:55 schrieb Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...>:

1. you sent your message to

aa5yq (at) ambersoft instead of

aa6yq (at) ambersoft, so I just now received it
Sorry my typo, glad that you picked it up anyhow.

2. if your WinWarbler macros are in the file


then the command to load them should be

<loadmacrobank: rtty_dx_hunt.txt>


<loadmacrobank: rtty_dx_hunt>
Just corrected it and no wonder it works!

3. the current version of WinWarbler is 9.0.6; why are you running version 8.1.1 - which is more than 4 years old?
Had the 9.0.6 version running before with the hassle I wrote about. Tried the old 8.1.1 from my friend Volker DL9HO just to verify it’s not the latest version making the crazy things.

By the way: I’m running DXLab suite since end of 2002. At that time Volker DL9HO introduced me into it and I'm a VERY happy camper from that time until today. I encouraged several other OM from our local DARC-chapter to wet their feet with DXLab and no wonder, they are as happy as me.

Tnx for your work!

Wolf * DK1IP * DQ1P

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