Commander and IC-7610 ports changing


I and Ross Slater have finally figured out why my operational port on commander would change every time I would cycle the radio and power supply off and back on. I find that when I shut down the IC-7610, I must also shut down DX commander. I can't leave it running on my PC because it no longer knows which port is active when the IC-7610 is turned back on.
So I have to shut down everything. By doing this, if I have instructed commander in configure that port 4 is the active port, when I turn on the 7610 and then bring up the DX command program, everything works. With my older Kenwood TS-950sdx, I could shut it down and leave the DX suite running all the time on my PC. Turn the TS-950 back on and it and commander are happy to talk to each other. This not the case with the IC-7610 and commander. I don't know who is at fault, Icom or DX Suite. I do have a work around but not ideal.

David KC8IV

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