<stop> macro ??


Recently had to send my K3 in for repair- so have had to put my kx3 into service as main shack radio for 2-3 weeks.
Using it with a SignalinkUSB  and all is working fine with WSJTX and  FT8. But trying to get it running for PSK31 with Winwabler and  am  having a small an issue.
The <start> macro is working fine, but the <stop> macro does not, I have to turn Tx off at the radio.
I am using CAT control, which as I said seems to be working fine in all other respects
When using FLDIGIi for PSK31, its  Tx and Rx commands in the macros does successfully turns kx3 on and off. 

Any ideas on why the Winwabler <stop> command may not be working ?


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