Com ports


I tried the IC7610 group with no response, so I thought I would try this group.
Here is the problem. Since Icom uses it's own driver for the IC7610 com ports, I've downloaded and installed that driver. I need to select the radio's com port number and place it with in the configuration window for DX Commander to communicate with the radio. Looking at my windows device manager I see the ports are numbered 12 and 13. I select 12, and the radio and commander are happy. The next day I turn the radio on and the port numbers are now 14 and 15. If I select 14, the radio and commander are happy again. The next time I turn on the radio, the ports are again changed back to 12 and 13 again. The operating system on the computer is Windows 07.
So every time I turn the radio on the com port numbers change. Anyone have any idea what causes this and how to prevent it. 

David KC8IV 

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