DXKeeper: "LotW sent" not setting to "Y"

Mike Dower

Good evening all,

I'm not sure if this question has been addressed before - if so, my apologies.

My XYL is using DXKeeper, and has discovered that a large number of her QSOs before mid-2017 which were previously uploaded to LotW (possibly via file uploaded to the LotW website, and not via DXKeeper) have the "LotW sent" field (in the "Online QSL" group of the "Log QSOs" tab)  still set to "U".  Syncing LotW uploads via "Sync LotW QSOs" on the "QSL" tab doesn't change this "LotW sent" field to "Y".  In some cases, the other stations have QSLed via LotW and DXKeeper shows this.  Re-uploading the QSOs to LotW, and later syncing the LotW QSOs, does not change the "LotW sent" field from "U" to "Y".

What do we need to do fix this?


Mike VK2IG

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