How to turn OFF DXView Update notifications for select databases. eQSL. DXView Database Updates

Mark W2OR <reston2010mm-orders@...>

Question:  How can a DXView user turn off the "new DB" database update notification that apply to just the eQSL updates?

Background:  I do not use the eQSL system.  When DXView announces the availability of new databases, using the very helpful red letter notification alerts, I then update all databases that have an update, including eQSL.  It's great to get the updates in place and active, because the databases that are used are so very, very helpful.  Thank you.  For over ten years I've updated every database available, even though I never use eQSL databases.  If one opts not to update a database, such as eQSL, the red letter notification alert stays active, seemingly forever.  It'd be good to have an option to deactivate the alerts just for those databases that are not used.  Yes, I looked on the web for a way to do that, and looked in the instructions for such an option, but my search skills are apparently not as good as they used to be.   Thanks for your help with this. /Mark

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