Re: DXView and FT8

Dave AA6YQ

* AA6YQ comments below

The spots from WSJT-X / JTAlertX appear in SpotCollector on the radio's VFO A frequency, 50313, plus the frequency shown in WSJT-X, 1139, for example. SpotCollector shows the correct frequency of 50314.1.

Maybe SpotCollector could pass the call, but not the frequency, to WSJT-X to populate the DX Call field and enable TX when double clicking on the spot in SC. It would have to know not to set the frequency in this case.

The benefit would be to respond the same way as any other selected spot in SC rather than finding the call in WSJT-X and double clicking it in that program.

Would this be a high priority? Probably not.

* As I said below, SpotCollector already provides the ability to convey information from a double-clicked Spot Database Entry for a station operating in a digital mode to a specified application; note the "Digital Mode Application" panel on the General tab of SpotCollector's Configuration window. This mechanism is used by MultiPSK, the FLDigi-to-DXLab bridge, and the MixW-to-DXLab bridge.


Dave, AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I have limited experience on FT8 and am using it primarily on 6M to work needed grids.

I had missed the ability to link JTAlertX to SpotCollector, so I really appreciate the info from Dave below.

As far as I can see, there's no way to double click on an FT8 spot in SpotCollector and have the call populated in the DX Call window of WSJT-X, generating the standard messages, and enable TX to start calling. Right?

+ Correct. SpotCollector provides the required mechanism, but the JT-Alert/WSJT-X combination does not currently exploit it. There is a question of how useful this interoperation would be, given that FT8 spots often cite the lower band edge, and that it may not be appropriate to call the FT8 station on its transmit frequency.


Dave, AA6YQ

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