Re: Pathfinder issue: Looks up details via QRZ one moment then the next...

Dave AA6YQ

Below, I meant to ask

"On Pathfinder's Configuration window,

- what is shown in the "Internet Explorer" panel for the Version and Emulation?"


Dave, AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I don't understand why Pathfinder keeps loosing QRZ login credentials. I am not talking days, but rather minutes from when I go to Pathfinder config and perform a QRZ login and lookups work correctly (via JTAlertX) but then a couple lookups later Pathfinder can no longer perform lookups until I do yet another login. This is happening many times in a two hour session. I am also getting Script Error dialog messages, always associated with the loss of lookup credentials.

+ When did this behavior first begin, Jerry?

+ On Pathfinder's Configuration window,

- what is shown for the Version and Emulation?

- is the "Hide script error notification" box checked?

+ Please reboot Windows into "safe mode with networking". Does the behavior reported above still occur?

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