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I agree Mark! If signal reports are exchanged I log the FT8 QSO!

Many disagree but many contests count a QSO without signal reporting. Some only want name/location, etc.

Jack AK7O

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Hello, Ron, and others.  Glad that all worked out for you, Ron.  You will enjoy what JTA has to offer.  That app also has its own reflector on - - named HamApps - - that is worth checking out.  The group moderator, Lauren, does an excellent job helping out and developing what is still a 'new' application for all.  It will receive a major upgrade in about six months, when WSJT-x does likewise, and smaller changes in the interim.

Logs:  JTAlert does not 'miss' logging QSOs that are completed 'normally' and which end with a '73' message.  However, us humans do, when we unwittingly forget or overlook a setting, or procedure, when finishing up our FT8 QSOs.  Be watchful.  If you're a DX'er, and you work a 'new one', it doesn't hurt to later check DXKeeper to ensure the QSO is there.  When I started using JTAlert, I recall a few hick-ups in that regard, one which I found only recently, caused because of a non-automatic logging of a particular QSO that was truncated at its conclusion, at my doing.  See below.

As you know, WSJT-x as it is configured with JTAlert will automatically log your QSO when the '73' message is sent and received and recognized by the program.   This month's issue of QST, in The World Above 50 Megahertz column, reminds us that a "73" message with FT8 QSOs is not an absolute required element for a QSO, for the contact to be recognized for awards or otherwise - - or some similar wording.  So, when your FT8 QSO is near its end, and you loose contact with the other station without any evidence of a '73' being sent or received, take care to ensure you get that contact logged, using the manual procedure, if you so desire.

There's more to all this, but I've already wrote too much for this particular thread.  Enjoy the program !! and the QSOs  !!    /Mark  W2OR

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