Re: FT8 question

John Bastin K8AJS

On 13Aug 2018, at 15:06, iain macdonnell - N6ML <ar@...> wrote:

Are you sure? wsjtx_log.adi and wsjtx.log (CSV format) should contain
only logged QSOs. The "ALL.TXT" file contains all decoded and
transmitted messages. You should be able to import wsjtx_log.adi into
AND for best results, you should *never* delete the ALL.TXT file, the information in it is priceless. I have used it as a resource when I get a QSL for an FT8 QSO that isn’t in my log. I can go back to ALL.TXT and see exactly what happened at that date and time, and determine whether in fact there was an exchange that should have been logged. I wouldn’t want to be without that information.

Hope this helps.


John K8AJS

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