DXView and FT8

Wolf, DK1FW

Dave and group,

I will never become an FT8 addict although I managed to work a few new ones on 6m and 160m using that mode.

However, FT8 now outnumbers all other modes in terms of QSO numbers and dedicated FT8 awards are being created.
I wonder if its time to show FT8 as a separate mode in DXview's Progress-Table.
PSK, which was theĀ  new kid on the block some 20 years ago, has dropped below RTTY in popularity. I understand that PSK is hardcoded in DXView but maybe it can still be considered to be replaced by FT8.

While I am at it I would like to bring up again my plea for incorporating 60m in DXView's progress table. Although that band will probably never count for DXCC, it is very popular with DX-ers.
According to Clublog there are about 40 Clublog users, who have earned (pseudo)DXCC, 250 with >50 entities on 60m and more than 1000 with >10 entities. More than 2500 Clublog users are active on 60m. With only a few thousand serious DX-ers around those numbers look significant

73 de Wolf, DK1FW

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