DX CMD 13.7.2 , MIcrokeyer II 2nd CAT COM port problems


Hi Dave
after the last update, I have a trouble with the 2nd CAT at the Microkeyer II

My setup since a long time
RX/TX Elecraft K3
Microkeyer II
other digital programs as WSJTX, WinLink....

I configured 1 CAT in MIcrokeyer port 8, 2nd 13

DX commander is using port 8 and everthing is working fine till I use e.g. WSJT-X, CAT port there 13.
Very slow or no reaction at the CAT in WSJT-X.
When I stop DX Commander, everthing is fine, all other CAT needed programms are working.
I have no multiradio and last version of Microham urouter.

Before the update of DX CMD, all was working without troubles
tnx for a hint

73 Alex, OE3JTB

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