Script Error when opening Pathfinder??


I just recently started using Pathfinder. But right from the beginning, I started having a problem when Pathfinder opens on my Windows 10 pc. DX Launcher goes thru opening the various DX Lab programs. As soon as it opens Pathfinder, I get a msg saying “an error has occurred in the script on this page”. Next to the URL on the error msg, it shows a URL that starts out HTTPS:// then goes on for a bit. The error msg ask “ Do you want to continue running scripts on this page  Yes or NO”. If I say Yes – it opens another seemingly identical error msg. If I say no, I have to work thru a number of these error msgs to close them all. But then if I attempt to look up a call sign on the QRZ tab – the error msg comes back again. Has anyone else run into this issue? Know a cure? Running Pathfinder 5.2.2


73 Paul


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