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Darrell Drake

I couldn’t read it, the print is too small.

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Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2018 4:17 PM
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Hello All,


I had used VPSE for a year, with mediocre results.  Even updated to the 64 bit program(no updates for a long time).  Looked at COMoCOM  but never tried it.




Found this offer while cursing the web a few months ago.  Have been using it for the last 4-5 months with very good results.  This offer by FabulaTech below was advertised a few years back. When they were contacted by me, earlier in the year, the offer for HAM radio was still good.  They just charged $5.00 for the processing and license.  It has been working flawlessly on my DELL I7 XPS, WIN10  machine. Of course it works no problem with Commander in DXLABS.


Wanted to share this, as I see from time to time HAMS having trouble doing the virtual serial port with other programs.  It is very easy to set up, very similar to VPSE setup. I recommend it after having very good results with it. Hopefully others will also?

Useful Software for Amateur Radio from FabulaTech

FABULATECH is now offering the HAM RADIO COMMUNITY a very special offer.  If you are an official HAM RADIO OPERATOR with an OFFICIAL HAM RADIO LICENSE, any where in the world, you may request a complimentary license key for any of their products listed below that you want to use for your own HAM RADIO operations.  Please include an  explanation of how you plan on using their products for HAM RADIO operations, Please also add a post here in this article to help support FabulaTech by commenting about how useful FabulaTech has been in your HAM RADIO setups.
please contact:
with an email request and include a copy/scan/picture of your current official ham radio license.
There are many uses for virtual serial ports for HAM RADIO, here are just a couple:
1.  Virtual Serial Port Splitter - see  HERE
2.  Create Virtual Serial Port Pairs - see  HERE
- The following videos will demonstrate these 2 uses -
1.   using multiple instances of dahdidah's software cw keyer,  to enable you to connect,  with your own cw keyers,  a straight key, bug, cw keyboard, and an iambic paddle, all at the same time, to your computer
2.  without using any cw keyers, be able to hook up directly to the serial port itself, your iambic cw paddles, and a second iambic paddle to emulate a bug - connections are made directly to certain serial port pins of the "real" hardware serial port.
3.  how to add a software cw keyboard to the rest of the morse code instruments that you have already hooked up to your morse code computer station,  by using the methods shown in the videos above, and now by creating a virtual serial port pair,  also be able to send cw on a program like CWTERM or CWtype.
FABULATECH has many other software programs of interest to HAM RADIO.





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