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Dave AA6YQ

* more AA6YQ comments below

I operate WSJT-X standalone when I m operating in FT8. WSJT-X creates an ADIF log of my contacts which I later import into DXKeeper at a convenient time.

When I do this, SpotCollector immediately initiates a Recompute which prevents me from doing much in DXLab until it s finished.

I also operate contests outside of DXLab using N1MM+ and later import those ADIF logs into DXKeeper. This does *not* prompt a recompute in SpotCollector.

What s the explanation for this? I know I could uncheck Enable automatic updates in SpotCollector, but I really don t want to do that if there is another solution. AND I m unlikely to remember to uncheck that box before an FT8 ADIF import and then re-check it when I m done.
I regularly export new QSOs from my remote station log and import them to my "master" log on my home workstation. SpotCollector always recomputes afterwards. I understood that that was intentional - it needs to update existing spot database entries' "neededness" based on the new QSOs in the log ... ?

* You are correct, Iain. After importing an ADIF file, DXKeeper directs SpotCollector to perform a Recompute operation because every Spot Database Entry could conceivable require an update as a result of the newly-logged QSOs.

* Jon K8AJS, the question now is why importing an ADIF file generated by N1MM does not result in DXKeeper directing SpotCollector to recompute.

* Note that when DXKeeper log's, modifies, or deletes a single QSO, it directs SpotCollector to perform a more targeted recomputation, depending upon the awards you are pursuing. For example, if you are only pursuing DXCC awards, then only Spot Database Entries with the added/modified/deleted QSO's DXCC entity would be recomputed.


Dave, AA6YQ

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