Re: Question about WinWarbler AFSK TX & Flex Smart SDR

Al Groff

I have used the windows 'Sound' tool to Disable DAX Audio RX4-8 and DAX RESERVED Audio RX4-8 followed by a reboot of the PC. If that's not enough you could also disable DAX IQ RX2-4 and DAX Reserved IQ RX2-4.  Make sure you always disable both ends of a pair i.e. DAX Audio RX2 AND DAX Reserved Audio RX2  ( record and playback).

Not endorsed by Flex but it works for me.


On 5/30/2018 3:43 PM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

Hi Dave. Yes, that document was consulted and was quite helpful when I configured another computer to work with a Flex.  However, the present situation is that the computer (and DX Lab software) is to be used with an Elecraft K3 and Flex radios but has not yet been used with the latter.  I can't use the K3 because WinWarbler does not see the sound device I configured for WW transmit.  The operating does see the device -- WW does not..  

+ The "Configuring DAX" section of the cited article explains 

- that WinWarbler can only offer a choice of 16 audio devices

- that Flex Signature radios create many virtual audio devices that you are unlikely to ever use

- how to disable virtual audio devices that you aren't using so that the audio devices you do use will be accessible for selection


           Dave, AA6YQ

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