Re: DXKeeper - Clublog Error (dupe) Dialog box

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On 29/05/2018 5:03 AM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

DXKeeper is my primary logging software.  

When  running FT8 using WSJT/JT-Alert , WSJT/JT-Alert logs to both ClubLog and DXKeeper. 

When running all other non-FT8 modes, DXKeeper logs to ClubLog. 

+ That's an erroneous configuration. I suggest that you reconfigure  JT-Alert to not upload QSOs to Club Log.
So in my setup,   it is expected that when using WSJT/JT-Alert that I  expect that either WSJT and DXKeeper  log to ClubLog
depending on which writes first.

+ So when JT-Alert uploads to Club Log first, DXKeeper displays the "duplicate" error message it receives from Club Log.

 I would rather see a the DXKeeper dialog box show up for a period of time then close, rather than staying open because it  is  more
of a warning message than an error.  The consequences are worse if the dialog box is accidently left open because the next time this
event  happens, QSO(s) won't get written into DXKeeper and are lost.

+ Reconfigure JT-Alert to not upload QSOs to Club Log, and DXKeeper will stop displaying "duplicate" error messages from Club Log.

I have enabled writing to  ClubLog in WSJT because there are instances where WSJT us unable to write to DXKeeper . For example if
DXKeeper is busy, such as a recompute event or a sync with LOTW.  

+ Don't direct DXKeeper to initiate a Recompute or "Sync LoTW QSLs" operation while operating FT8.


             Dave, AA6YQ
I agree with Dave's comments. Turn off JTAlert uploading to ClubLog.

Unlike DXKeeper, JTAlert does no error check to see if the upload to ClubLog is successful, it is a simple send and forget operation. Eventually, there will be a problem in the upload and it will likely go unnoticed if you rely on JTAlert.

With DXKeeper, you get the warnings AND the ability to re-upload QSOs if they have failed, this is not possible with JTAlert.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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