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1. No, all QSOs are not off by the same amount.  I have some that are an exact match.

2. Some of the QSOs were not imported into LOTW. 

3. Some of the QSOs the band and frequency don't agree 

4. As far as the W5SH QSO goes, do not know which is correct.

5. I used LOGIC (various versions) up until a few years ago when I changed to DXLab.  I created my DXKeeper log by importing approximately 30,000 QSOs from LOGIC log into DXKeeper. when I switched over and as a result some were uploaded by LOGIC and some with DXKeeper.  My current log contains approximately 45,000 QSOs.

I'll do some more research and see what I can find.


On Sat, May 19, 2018 at 8:29 PM Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...> wrote:
# More AA6YQ comments below

Here is what I found:


W5SH  2007-06-24 13:26:00 CW


W5SH 2007 2007-06-24 13:36:00 CW

# That explains the problem: the times differ by 10 minutes.

# Do the other ~50 QSOs with "LoTW QSL Sent" set to 'U' differ with what's in LoTW by exactly 10 minutes?

# Which QSO time is correct?

# Howe were the ~50 QSOs uploaded to LoTW?


               Dave, AA6YQ

        + AA6YQ comments below

        I have discovered approximately 50 QSOs in my log where the LOTW sent indicator is set to U and the QSO is shows up in LOTW correctly.  However, right clicking on the QSO and requesting DXKeeper obtain an update from LOTW results in the following message:

        ARRL Logbook of the World Status Report
        Generated at 2018-05-19 18:08:32
        for aj4f
               CALL: W5SH
            OWNCALL: AJ4F
               BAND: 20M
          QSO SINCE: 2007-06-24 13:36:00
          QSO UNTIL: 2007-06-24 13:36:00


        LotW operations: 0 QSLs processed, 0 log entries updated, 0 errors

        No new confirmations of anything needed and previously unconfirmed

        This particular QSO is almost 11 years old and I have performed the LOTW Sync many times over this period.

        I tried re-uploading the QSO to LOTW and generated a duplicate.  How should I proceed on the other QSOs to prevent introducing duplicates?

        + Before attempting repair, let's first determine what's wrong. Please log in to your LoTW account, and lookup your QSO with W5SH. What date and time (to the second) are shown? What mode is shown?

        + In your logged QSO with W5SH, what date and time (to the second) are shown? What mode is shown?


                        Dave, AA6YQ

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