Re: DxKeeper award progress report issue with DB on a networked computer

Dave AA6YQ

* AA6YQ comments below

If you terminated DXKeeper on your "home computer", started DXKeeper on your laptop, but find that DXKeeper on your laptop is not reporting accurate information from the log database on your home computer, then the network connectivity between your two computers must not be working correctly. Whether the root cause lies in Windows, a device driver, or the network hardware, I can't say.
Also as I said, the problem is only with "Check Progress" for DXCC. "Check Progress" for WAS, WAC and Canada all work fine. It would seem to me that if it was a network connectivity problem, none of them would work correctly.

* Your assumption is incorrect. Data-dependent defects are well-known phenomena, and over-the-network access provides opportunities for stale data, race conditions, and a host of other potential problems that cannot occur when accessing a local database.


Dave, AA6YQ

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