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Steve - N3SL

Thanks, Dave!  "Uninstall" is all it took - however, it simply is a "deactivate" and "reactivate" in the Win10 vernacular.  May want/need to update the documentation.

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Had a major crash here and had to rebuild the ham computer.  All files were backed up, so didn't lose anything.  And reinstalling DXLab, restoring a backup of my "WorkSpace" file, things looked and acted fine - until.....


I can upload new Qs to LoTW.  But when I do a "Sync LoTW QSLs" I get a window with "Unable to download from LoTW: download failure".   There is no error file (that I can find).  I do have new confirmations in LoTW waiting.


Any ideas/suggestions?


>>>See the “Download Failure” section of




           Dave, AA6YQ

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