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Mike Daly


I know the following stations will be active as mobiles:  K8TE, KK6MC and myself, N5SJ.  We will operate 20 & 40 cw, generally going to 40 meters on the half-hour.  There will also be about 5 other members of the Albuquerque DX Association operating.

73, Mike

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On a very side note

I am chasing 5b was and i have not logged yet any NM qso. So i am looking forward for the nm party very dearly. I also need ND and WY. So ham friends ,see on the 14th . De od5ya




Od5ya ...beirut lebanon




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I also am going mobile for the NM QSO Party and as a competitor I couldn’t be happier to have you continue to log on paper.

SERIOUSLY, follow Vic’s advice and download N1MM+. Paper logging is walking over dollars looking for dimes. Compared to N1MM+ it’s sailing to France on a dingy instead of the Concorde.  And in the long run will be much less work.  Call a friend or two who uses N1MM+ and have them assist you.

PS – everyone else – we can’t self-spot – when you hear a mobile during the NM QSO Party please spot us.

Good luck and see you in the contest.

73, Mike, n5sj


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Subject: [DXLab] Logging the upcoming New Mexico QSO Party


I know that DXKeeper is not designed for contest logging, although it is certainly quite capable in some aspects of that area.


The NM QSO Party is next Saturday, the 14th. I’m going to be operating mobile, using the Sandia Vista Amateur Radio Club (SVARC) callsign, NM5SV/M.

We’ll be using paper logs while mobile, and will transfer to computer upon return. I have a LoTW certificate for NM5SV/M.


I would like to determine how best to log these mobile QSOs, so that I can create a Cabrillo log to submit for the event, but also submit to LoTW for any entities that participate  and would like QSLs. We will be operating from 11 different NM counties.


I have downloaded N1MM Logger+, and am spending some time learning it, but if DXKeeper will do what I need, I really don’t want to learn another app. I know N1MM Logger will simplify the scoring, but I can learn to do that manually. Any recommendations from DXLabs users that have dealt with this before?


Jim McPhee

Placitas, NM



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