Re: Commander1336 not really responsive


Yessir, was the first topic I tried.

I always try to stop suspicious potential resource eating stuff first. However, besides Windows safe mode is not THAT helpful when virtual com ports are involved.  Microham router does not work very well in safe mode :-( - at least on my pc.....

I don't have strange system services running (besides the typical Apple stuff such as Bonjour and Ipod service ( there's a life outside ham radio, i mean) and some intel services supporting the processor and or the display subsystem.
Thus, there is no problem in startup/shutdown of DXLAB components. It's just commander and only the actual incarnation 13.3.6 which responds really slow.
Applies to both ways. It's slow when I change the frequency using the main knob on the 7600 - and I'm able to watch the immediate frequency change on the microham device router dialog. Just the commander responds with an up to 5 second delay. The same applies when I change the frequency using commander. I see the change traveling kind of bit-by-bit to the router (debug) dialog where its being transported to the 7600 immediately.
Further investigation (using multiradio as well as dedicated single radio configs ) shows no delayed response when controlling one of my 7300, K2, FT991A and KX3 radios - the Drakeline and the TR4C don't support CAT :-).

Obviously, ALL this applies to Commander version 13.3.6 and the ICOM  (CI-V ??) radios which don't respond accordingly.

Interesting: Only the 7600 is interfaced with the PC via the microham router component. All other radios (including the 7300 are directly - by means of usb-to-serial interfaces ) connected to the PC. And the 7300 shows the delayed response, too.

BTW, the errorlog.txt fills up pretty fast, but with just some user oriented external and no internal knowledge, it's just 'filling up pretty fast'.

73, Peter DK5DC

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