Re: Lotw timeouts in DxKeeper


LOTW is undergoing maintenance today.  The notice says site may be unavailable at times during the day.

Robie - AJ4F 

On Mar 26, 2018, at 07:48, ART SEARLE w2nra@... [dxlab] <dxlab@...> wrote:


This is not a DXKeeper issue.  The timeout occurs on the ARRL LotW website.  There is nothing that you can do about it except wait and try again later.

73, Art W2NRA

On Mar 26, 2018, at 08:37 AM, "Bob KD7YZ kd7yz@... [dxlab]" <dxlab@...> wrote:


Lotw is a little busy, understandably, at the moment.

So when I was doing a sync, in DxKeeper, and I saw the timeout, I
wondered where I set this originally. I DID try reading thru the help
pages; attempted a fundamental search with lotw and timeout ... but came
up not finding any place to set the timeout.

So I took a screenshot showing , on the one hand, DxKeeper attempting
access to Lotw with 29 seconds remaining before timeout.

And at the same time, yet another DxKeeper warning showing 'Attempt to
connect to Lotw failed: Responseinfo = Timeout (12002) '

So if the timeout was 60 seconds originally, Someone stole 30 seconds,
heh heh.

where was it I set that timeout to access LOTW? Any of you users help me
out on this?

I attached a screenshot if this server allows it, as others do.



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