Commander1336 not really responsive


Today, I went back to Commander 1320.
I'm running a Microsoft triggered actual Windows 10/64bit  Pro System (upgraded from Win7 abt. 2 years ago) running a fairly up-to-date I5-6600 (the processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM and the mainboard was approx € 300 ($340)  last fall, which I consider a bargain for an amateur radio only PC :-)., connected via Commander->Microham Digikeyer II->  (Port 7, Port 8) to both a IC7600 and a IC7300 (leading primary->7600).

Commander 1336 acts somewhat strange: It's response is actually very slow no matter if I'm running one or two synchronized tranceivers. It completely stops communicating when I configure WSJT-X to interface with Commander. When terminated (Via Launcher or the WIndows close button, the commander Dialog is removed bt the commander code stays active and does not remove itself from memory. Ressources remain locked. I have to go into the task manager and manually nuke the CI-V commander process.
Back to 1320 and everything is fine.....

Anybody having a similar behaviour ?

73, Peter DK5DC

Peter Glasmacher, DK5DC/AA6HM
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