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On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 1:04 PM, 'Gilbert Baron'
[dxlab] <> wrote:

Some of my applications are not in the allowed apps but no problems. Some are, and I did not configure them myself. For instance, Launcher and DXKeeper are there but Spot Collector is not. I have had no problems. I am not sure how the ones in the allowed list got there? Maybe because the installer put them there. I do not know how that works but I have had no interference whatsoever of DXLabs applications with any version of Windows ever and have used them all from XP at least. Maybe I am lucky

Pretty much the same story here. XP SP2 and SP3, W7 SP1, and now W10.
No issues. Have used the MS stuff mostly but used to have something
else as well. None of them have ever interfered with DXLab
components. I do follow the recommendation to not put them under the
C:&#92;Windows directory (or whatever the standard spot is). Have used
C:&#92;apps for all my radio stuff for years.

If the Windows Defender ever wanted me to mark them as safe, I'm sure
I did that as part of the install and I'm sure that's pretty clear in
the docs (if it's there).

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