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Dave AA6YQ

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I made 4 q's on Feb 21st. They still show as U in DXKeeper, meaning uploaded but not confirmed as being in LOTW.

'U' means "Uploaded to LoTW, but not accepted by LoTW". The "Sync LOTW QSOs" function queries LoTW to report newly accepted QSOs, and updates logged QSOs accepted by LOTW.

If I highlight each q and right click, the menu offers an option to upload to LOTW, but each QSO says that it's duplicate info, they've already been uploaded. If I click update from LOTW on the same menu, it looks like each QSO made it to LOTW.
If I go to the LOTW website, it doesn't show anything for Feb 21st??? Any ideas on how to fix this?

Have you successfully submitted QSOs to LoTW from DXKeeper in the past, or is this your first attempt?
Do you have any LoTW "Callsign Certificates" besides the one you have for KG8DH?

Dave, AA6YQ

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