Hi Dave - 

I changed to a new PC a while ago, and forgot to set up the QSO recording feature.  I set it up, and made a test QSO, and the recording worked FB.  Next time I clicked on a spot in Spot collector, and the call sign was entered into the Capture window, I received an error message:

DXKeeper QSO Audio

unable to start recording, Result = 263 - mciERR_INVALID_DEVICE_NAME. 

In the DXKeeper Audio Configuration screen, I have the three check boxes checked, the Soundcard is Line (microHAM CODEC) [other choices are Headset Microphone (microHAM CODEC), Microphone, or Soundbar].

QSO Audio folder is D:\DXLab\QSO Audio

I restarted the computer, made a test QSO, it was recorded OK, and then on the next Capture call sign entry, I get the error message.

Windows 10, DXKeeper 14.4.8, microHAM microKeyer USB Device Router 8.8.4

I'd appreciate any guidance on how to resolve this problem.

TNX ES 73,


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