Re: OT K9AY loops noisy advice needed

Barry Priddy

I have a homebrew K9AY that works really well.  This is the second year that I've put it up.  I take it down in the spring as soon as the grass starts to grow so I can mow the grass.  Check your coax and control cables to make sure they haven't been damaged.  A break in the shield of the coax can let a lot of noise in, and a break in the outer jacket of the coax can let water in which greatly increases the loss.  If your control cable is damaged, you may not be switching the loops the way they are intended.  If water has gotten into the relay box at the base of the K9AY, the relays may not work and the terminating resistors may have changed value by a large amount. 

Also, make sure your ground connections at the antenna are still good.  I have two ground rods and a 27 square foot piece of chicken wire laying on the ground to ground my K9AY.

Barry Priddy - K5VIP/KG4BP

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