OT K9AY loops noisy advice needed

Chuck, WS1L

OK, yes, it’s off topic, but this list has so many people with such a broad range of knowledge that even the most esoteric inquiry gets useful responses…


I have a set of crossed K9AY loops for receiving, set off in a corner of the yard.  In the past they have worked really well, I have an older K9AY control box with amp in the shack.  I usually have no need to use them in the summer, but this winter they have been really noisy – and only the strongest signals are there, which might be getting picked up by the coax.  With other projects ahead of it, this one has been taking a while to make it to the top of the list but I did give the wires a once over to make sure nothing fell down. 


This week I plan on going out there and examining everything closely.  Has anyone ever had a similar situation, and what turned out to be the cause?


73 de WS1L


Chuck Chandler



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