Re: CQ Marathon just worked entity still showing in SC as needed

Chuck, WS1L

On the order of minutes to an hour or so.  I had recently read the wiki entry on monitors for old eyes and my dual-LCD mount had arrived from Amazon so I powered down to install it.  This happened after that.  

I'll keep an eye on it and see if it recurs, but I have worked a few new marathon entities since then and all is well.  

73 de Chuck, WS1L

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>>>AA6YQ comments below

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FWIW, I did look and see that SC had DXK inside brackets on the title bar.

The last DXK errorlog entry is 1/16/18:
16-Jan-2018 21:07:59 > program error 3050 in module DXLogModule.OfferBackupIfObsoleteState: Could not lock file.

The last SC errorlog entry is last year:
16-Jul-2017 13:09:23 > program error 364 in module DDEClientModule.SetServerConnected, theServer = 3, theState = False: Object was unloaded

>>>Thanks. Neither of those is relevant.

>>>It's possible that Windows simply failed to convey the message from DXKeeper to SpotCollector. When did you last reboot Windows?


Dave, AA6YQ


Chuck Chandler

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