Re: CQ Marathon just worked entity still showing in SC as needed

Chuck, WS1L

The only boxes checked on DXK Config Awards panel Marathon Bands & Modes sub-panel are:
Include QSO's with no prop 
Realtime award progress

Max TX power is blank.  

FWIW, the QSO shows power of 1000, same as most of the others this year.  



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I just worked ZP6CW on 20 - I logged the QSO, waited for SC to refresh and the spot to disappear, but it didn't.

I have SC set to only show needed, and ZP was a new one for 2018. Now I have the ZP6CW showing as logged in DXK, with an entity of Paraguay. SC shows it as needed, and Award Tracking shows it as not worked, sought for Marathon.

AFAIK, this is the first time I have seen this. I have some screen shots of the different windows if they will help.

>>>Does your logged ZP6CW QSO comply with the requirements of your Marathon class, e.g. power level? Is its propagation mode specified, or do you have DXKeeper configured to include QSOs with no propagation mode specified?


Dave, AA6YQ


Chuck Chandler

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