Re: Oops, Hour Glass

Dave Bernstein <dhb@...>

Not out of the woods yet, obviously.

When this happens again, please note the Windows resources levels
before terminating DXKeeper.


Dave, AA6YQ

--- In dxlab@y..., "Richard B Drake" <rich@w...> wrote:
Occurred while trying to log a contact with an empty filtered
window. The contact was not logged.

Error log extract:

20-Apr-2001 09:07:06 > DXKeeper version 1.2.5 startup
20-Apr-2001 15:28:56 > program error 3037 in module
DXLogModule.FilterDisplay: Cannot open any more tables or queries.
20-Apr-2001 15:28:56 > program error 3426 in module
DXLogMain.NewCmd_Click: This action was cancelled by an associated
20-Apr-2001 15:28:56 > program error 5 in module
Capture.LogCmd_Click debug state = 1: Invalid procedure call or
20-Apr-2001 15:29:55 > DXKeeper shutdown

73, Rich - W3ZJ

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