Re: Kosovo is now a DXCC entity

Tim N3XX

Earlier today, I uploaded two qsos (qso date 2018-01-23) to LOTW that I have logged in DXKeeper as Serbia. Now that I have updated the TQSL configuration data to version 11.4, will I need to upload those qsos to LOTW again? If so, should I wait until my DXCC database update has been completed and I have changed the entity for those qsos to Kosovo?

Tim - N3XX

On 2018-01-23 2:10 PM, 'Dave AA6YQ' @AA6YQ [dxlab] wrote:
The ARRL has released a new "Configuration Data" file for TQSL that defines Kosovo as a DXCC entity.
Kosovo's DXCC entity code is 522, and its "start date" is 2018-01-21.
Joe W4TV is preparing a DXCC database update.
Please do the following:
1. start TQSL
2. open the Help menu, and select the "Check for Updates" command; TQSL will download "Configuration Data" file version 11.4
Dave, AA6YQ
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Just announced on the ARRL Website and Twitter feed.
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