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I'm having two problems with the broke filter.
First: Every QSO with a US station is getting flagged for not having a county. Is there some way I can keep it from flagging those?

Yes. As described in

uncheck the "Subdivision validity checking" box in the Other Awards panel on the Configuration window's Awards tab.

Second: When I import QSO's from an ADIF, they seem to come in with myQTH blank, which is getting flagged as broken. Can I fix this? I don't even know what that field is used for.

That's described here:

and here


I only have one QTH, so I set all my QSO's to "My QTH". But that apparently is not getting set for imported QSO's.

On the Main window's "my QTHs" tab, do you have one or more "my QTHs" defined?

Rather than guess at what things do and then run into trouble when you guess wrong, take a look at



Dave, AA6YQ

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