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He is good at QSLing to LOTW.  Worked him on 40 and 80M.  I got QSL in roughly 24 hours.


D. Scott MacKenzie, PhD


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It is definitely South Shetland. So if you logged it as European Russia, or whatever DXK defaulted to, then you should update it. If you have it as South Shetland, then leave it, you're all good.


That's Alex's (RI1ANO) special call until the end of his stay on South Shetland. He started using it on Jan. 1st. I believe he's going to use it for all QSOs, but on some of the digital modes, he will sign as RI1ANO, but log everything as RI50ANO officially (due to software limitations).


Mike ND9G


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Last night I worked RI50ANO, SC was showing it as one of the Russian entities. A check with PF, QRZ, indicated they were located on South Shetland Island and apparently LOTW accepted it this morning. Can I assume if LOTW accepted it as South Shetland it has been logged correctly?


Julio, W4HY


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