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D. Scott MacKenzie

Thank you Dave:


The “duplicate country/band/mode” wording is exactly as shown on my DX Award Credit Slip. 


Actually I did use the DXLab submission procedure, but my log book was screwed up and my LOTW wards were not properly identified – self-inflicted wound.  This occurred after I sent in my cards.  This has been since corrected with your help.  I should have gotten my logbook straightened out first, then submitted cards.  Everything would have worked out properly then. 


I will go through wiki regarding managing DXCC credits.


Thank you again




D. Scott MacKenzie, PhD


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>>>AA6YQ comments below

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I just got my cards back from ARRL. I had a 33 denied for duplicate country/band/mode and two (7P8 and YA) denied because no
documentation received. The duplicate are probably from LOTW, but I am aggravated about 7P8 and YA. I had to fight for those,
especially the YA.

>>>There are no entity-band-mode awards in DXCC; there are only entity-band and entity-mode awards.

That said, I have a bunch verified and then those denied. How do I sort those out besides going through each one of them?

>>>I'm assuming that you didn't use DXKeeper's DXCC submission generator, as it wouldn't have submitted QSOs for which you already
have award credit granted. So your choices are to update those QSOs by hand that did receive DXCC award credit, or direct DXKeeper
to downloaded your DXCC credits and attempt to match them to your logged QSOs:



Dave, AA6YQ

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