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I had a card checker check some cards for me recently and today when I did sync LoTW QSLs I received this message in DXKeeper. "QSO whose QSL card is marked submitted has been confirmed via LotW" I did assemble a submission this time and exported the adif file which I uploaded when I did the online application.

Is that from the card checker submitting the paperwork to LoTW or did the QSO partner do an upload to LoTW and the QSO was confirmed that way?

If the QSO's "QSL Rcvd" item is marked "S" (for submitted), then you either used DXKeeper's DXCC Submission generator, which automatically changes "QSL Rcvd" from 'Y' to 'S' in the confirmed QSOs it selects for submission, or you manually set the QSO's "QSL Rcvd" item to 'S' .
The message means that the QSO is now confirmed via LoTW. DXKeeper is bringing this to your attention in case you haven't yet begun the actual submission process, as you now have the option to submit the LoTW confirmation instead of the QSL Card confirmation. If you've already paid the application fee, you likely don't want to make that change.

Dave, AA6YQ

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