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Subject: [dxlab] Update to LOTW and more QSO's in LOTW than DXLab

I very recently switched from WinEQF to DXLab and successfully transferred about 78,000 Q's.

Welcome to DXLab, Guy!
Then I did a 'Sync LOTW QSO's' and received a log showing 1054 Q's missing in my log.

This is probably due to an error in my former log and I can probably find the in the several error/dupe logs produced by WinEQF.

There are several things that can cause this to happen:
1. Submitting a QSO to LoTW, and then deleting the QSO from your log

2. Submitting the QSO to LoTW, then modifying the logged QSO (whether or not the modified QSO is submitted)

Neither of these is necessarily an error.
Question: How do I insure, as a first step, these Q's are transferred from LOTW to DXLab, even with partial info stored in LOTW?

The first step is to determine which of the 1054 reports represent QSOs that are in LoTW, missing from your log, but should be
present in your log.

I also did an 'Update to LOTW' which took almost 2 days for about 50% of the Q's in the log, including waiting to confirm a
requested change.

Question: If I restart the process, will it continue where it left or do I have to specify the date of the last checked QSO?

You'd have to specify the date of the most recent QSO, but as noted in the documentation, "Update from LoTW" is an
extraordinarily inefficient way to update 78K logged QSOs, as it updates them one at a time.

The process you should be following is here:

You've already accomplished step 4; now proceed to step 5.
I'd also suggest reviewing


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