Update to LOTW and more QSO's in LOTW than DXLab

Guy Lemieux

I very recently switched from WinEQF to DXLab and successfully transferred about 78,000 Q’s. Then I did a ‘Sync LOTW QSO’s’ and received a log showing 1054 Q’s missing in my log. This is probably due to an error in my former log and I can probably find the in the several error/dupe logs produced by WinEQF.

Question: How do I insure, as a first step, these Q’s are transferred from LOTW to DXLab, even with partial info stored in LOTW?


I also did an ‘Update to LOTW’ which took almost 2 days for about 50% of the Q’s in the log, including waiting to confirm a requested change.

Question: If I restart the process, will it continue where it left or do I have to specify the date of the last checked QSO?




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