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Dave AA6YQ

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Dave and Group,

Commander allows substantial manipulation of Radio Settings through Command Sequences / Sliders, which may vary depending on operating conditions.
This can leave the radio in an undefined/unknown state when Commander is terminated.
Commander's Initial Command Sequence can put the radio in a defined state, when commander is started.

However, many users employ a different program than DXLab for contesting or (believe it or) sometimes use their radio without a computer. In these cases the undefined state of the radio can be an annoyance.

A optional Terminal Command Sequence in Commander, which would be sent to the radio before Commander is terminated, would allow to bring the radio into a defined state no matter what manipulations through other Command Sequences have taken place during the operating session.

Reliably sending a command on termination would require
1. waiting for all bytes of the command to be sent

2. for some radios, waiting for a confirmation that all bytes have been received

3. for some radios, resending the command if the previous attempt was rejected or never acknowledged

While not rocket science, implementing this capability and testing it across the many kinds of radios Commander supports would consume significant development and testing cycles. Given how easy it is to define a "put radio in known state" command sequence, as has been suggested in this thread, there are many enhancement requests that would produce more value for more members of the user community.

Dave, AA6YQ

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