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I imported about a hundred Qs from N1MM from the ARRL RTTY contest that had an incorrect frequency. All of the QRGs are off by 2125 due to an incorrect N1MM setup. I eventually fixed the problem, but a large number of Qs are wrong.

IF I filter the log to show only the incorrect Qs, is there a way to automatically deduct 2125 from the Tx and Rx values that are now in the DXKeeper log? In all cases, Tx=Rx.

Yes, DXKeeper can do correct those frequencies en masse.
1. Backup your log (Configuration window, Log tab)

2. Filter the Log Page Display to contain only the QSOs whose frequencies are incorrect

3. On the Main window's "Log QSOs" tab, click the Adv button to display the "Advanced Sorts, Filters, and Modifiers" window

4. In the "Advanced Sorts, Filters, and Modifiers" window's "Modify QSOs in Log Page Display" panel,

4a. set the "Item name" selector to Freq

4b. set the "Item new value" to - .0002125

4c. click the Mod button

4d. set the "Item name" selector to FREQ_RX

4e. set the "Item new value" to <Freq>

4f. click the Mod button

The technique used above is described in


Dave, AA6YQ

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