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I have changed my QTH ID because I have moved (more than 50 miles)

Now when I click on WAS Progress I get all the WAS Qs from the entire log

Not just ones from the new QTH ID .

I am sure I need to check or uncheck some box?

Any ideas

If you are pursuing WAS and move to a new location more than 50 miles away from your previous location, you should
1. uncheck the WAS box in the "my QTH" for your old location

2. define a new "my QTH" for your new location, and check its WAS box

3. in the "Log Settings" panel on the Configuration window's Log tab, select your new "my QTH" as the default

4. at the bottom of the Main window's "Check Progress" tab, click the Recompute button (so that your "real time" WAS progress will
reflect only QSOs made from your new "my QTH")


Dave, AA6YQ

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