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Dave, I tried your suggestion. In safe mode all DXLab apps behave normally performance wise, including the Spot Collector. I am talking: drastic improvement comparing to full windows.

I’m running: Windows 10 build 17063, i7 Quad Core 4770, 16GB RAM, OB GPU Intel 4600.

CPU load wise: DXLab processes are below 0.5, Spot Collector sometimes jumps to 12-13. Even so, it doesn’t look like CPU load is the problem.

As Björn SM7IUN has suggested, that result means that you must configure your firewall and anti-malware applications to consider your DXLab applications to be "safe". When booted into "safe mode with networking", Windows does not automatically start your firewall or anti-malware applications, which is why your DXLab apps behave normally performance-wise.

Video wise: SC is flickering and even is interfering with typing this message. Any further advise?


This article is derived from an article written for Windows Vista, 7, and 8 by Pat VA7XX:

One of the visual optimizations that caused trouble on Windows Vista, 7, and 8 - Use visual styles on windows and buttons - is not shown on the Windows 10 "Performance Options" tab; Microsoft may have renamed it, or broken it into sub-components. So you might want to disable all of these optimizations and then enable them one at a time until the focus stealing stops. If you decide to conduct this experiment, please post your results here.
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