Re: Spot Collector is responding very slowly


Dave, I tried your suggestion. In safe mode all DXLab apps behave normally performance wise, including the Spot Collector. I am talking: drastic improvement comparing to full windows.

I’m running: Windows 10 build 17063, i7 Quad Core 4770, 16GB RAM, OB GPU Intel 4600.

CPU load wise: DXLab processes are below 0.5, Spot Collector sometimes jumps to 12-13. Even so, it doesn’t look like CPU load is the problem. Video wise: SC is flickering and even is interfering with typing this message. Any further advise?


73, Isaac 4Z1AO


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>>>AA6YQ comments below

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At my installation of the DXLab suite the Spot Collector (version 7.8.1) is responding very slowly. Takes several seconds to respond to a double click on the call sign to obtain a response of the Commander, DX Keeper and the rest of DXLab components. Frequently several attempts of double click are necessary to get a response. What could be the reason? How to fix this?

>>>As a first diagnostic step, reboot Windows into "Safe mode with networking". Then immediately start your DXLab applications without starting any other applications.

>>>Any change in performance?


Dave, AA6YQ

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