Re: DXView

Dave AA6YQ

Merci, Georges!

The next version of the Launcher has been extended to suggest that you click the New? button if you should direct the Launcher to
install an application without the Launcher knowing what versions are available.


Dave, AA6YQ

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From: Georges Ringotte F6DFZ
Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2017 6:42 PM
To: Dave AA6YQ
Subject: Re: DXView

Hi Dave,

Problem solved, your advice was the good one.
All is running fine now.

Your software is very impressive !

Have a merry Xmas and a happy 2018.

Georges F6DFZ

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From: Dave AA6YQ
Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2017 6:28 PM
To: 'Georges Ringotte F6DFZ'
Subject: RE: DXView


On the Launcher's Configuration window, click the New? button in the upper-right corner.

Now direct the Launcher to install DXView.

Any difference in behavior?


Dave, AA6YQ

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